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Robyn Lambley & John Elferink - Alcohol Rehabilitation & Correctional Services



21 August 2013

Darwin’s Alcohol Mandatory Treatment facility will be relocated to an improved and secure facility at Darwin Correctional Centre’s low-security accommodation, once the construction of the Darwin Correctional Precinct is completed mid-next year.

Minister for Alcohol Rehabilitation Robyn Lambley and Minister for Correctional Services John Elferink today announced plans to move the Darwin Alcohol Treatment Service from its short-term site at the grounds of Royal Darwin Hospital to the new location at Berrimah.

Mrs Lambley said the accommodation, currently used to detain low-security offenders, will provide patients undergoing Alcohol Mandatory Treatment with a safe, secure and modern facility.

“The new accommodation will ensure that people who are receiving treatment will get the help they need in a safe and secure facility to turn their lives around,” Mrs Lambley said.

“Alcohol Mandatory Treatment is already achieving results and having a positive effect on people in the community who face chronic alcohol addiction.

“Since 1 July, 216 people have been taken into protective custody for the second time, 85 are now on their third strike, and of these 36 have been referred for assessment and treatment.

“To qualify for Alcohol Mandatory Treatment a person must be taken into protective custody three times in two months.

“Alcohol Mandatory Treatment not only provides a health intervention for the individual, but also provides their families with much needed respite.

“The Country Liberals Government remains committed to driving down alcohol abuse in the NT.”

Mr Elferink said low-security prisoners will be among the first to be transferred to the new Darwin Correctional Precinct, making the current low-security accommodation available to deliver the alcohol treatment program.

“Plans are already underway to accommodate prisoner transfers from Berrimah to Darwin Correctional Precinct at Howards Springs,” Mr Elferink said.

“Alcohol Mandatory Treatment is about helping people with chronic alcohol abuse problems before they come into contact with the corrections system.”

Expressions of interest for the operation and management of the facility is expected to take place at the end of this year.

Mrs Lambley said the facility at RDH is serving as a short-term site for the Darwin Alcohol Treatment Service, and will revert back to its original purpose once the new facility is operational.

Media contacts:

Minister Lambley - Georgia McCabe 0438 384 506

Minister Elferink - Danielle Lede 0404 515 414

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