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Robyn Lambley - Member for Araluen


18 June 2013

The Country Liberals Government continues to roll-out of Alcohol Mandatory Treatment across the Territory, today announcing the location for the Alice Springs assessment centre. 

Health Minister Robyn Lambley says the Alice Springs Assessment Centre will be located at the secure care facility on the South Stuart Highway.

“The secure care facility was built in two eight bed halves – one half for adults deemed unfit to plead in court, the other for juveniles,” Mrs Lambley said.

“Our Government decided against collocating juveniles and adults and so the Department of Health took possession of the Alice Springs facility and the Office of Children and Families obtained a similar 16-bed facility in the Top End.

“Top End adult secure care clients are well catered for with other options including community placements and the new Mental Health Behaviour Unit attached to the new prison from next July.

“The demand for adult secure care in Central Australia is well short of capacity.

“On that basis, half the Alice Springs centre will be used for adult secure care, with the remaining eight beds separated from that service will now to be used for Alcohol Mandatory Treatment assessments and also treatment.

“The service will be operated by the Department of Health and will have a full-time staff of 18 including professional and physical nurses and liaison officers.

“It is intended only as a temporary solution for 18 months, consistent with the Phase 2 roll-out of a 50-bed treatment centre in Alice Springs.

“Under Phase 1 of Alcohol Mandatory Treatment, which begins on 1 July, 20 rehabilitation beds will be in place at the Central Australian Aboriginal Alcohol Programs Unit (CAAAPU).

“In full operation up to 800 problem drinkers will undertake rehabilitation in the Territory every year.”


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